"Tracis soup is a staple in my diet, it tastes great and I feel great after eating it, I would Recommend it for anyone who is looking to make healthy changes in what they eat"


I tried Traci Soups for the very first time. And at first I thought, vegan soup no not for me. But Traci Soups are so delicious, so hardty, and full of flavor. It is so nice to enjoy soup and not have to worry about high sodium. Thank you for making a soup that is healthy but also very good and taste. They are made fresh and you can tell they are made with lots of love..

Consetta Calhoun

"If you haven’t tried Traci’s soup yet, you’re missing out! Not only are her soups delicious, they’re good for you and made with real ingredients. Even though healthy eating is "on the rise" it can still be difficult to find products that are made with only natural, whole foods. I now keep my refrigerator stocked with her soup!"

Brittney Jenneford

"Traci’s Soups can be enjoyed by vegans and anyone else for that matter. Chocked full of fresh veggies along with creamy bases they can be a meal by themselves or accent any meal occasion."

Kim Jones

"SUPERB! Becoming a vegetarian not to long ago hasn’t been easy when trying to find food options that fit. I was blown away by the amazing flavor and hardiness in the Mexican Soup which is my favorite. All of the flavors are so delicious."


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